Weekly Newsletter for February 1, 2018

Dear Friends and Families,

What a wonderful Catholic Schools Week. What a joy it is to celebrate all that a Catholic School brings to students and what a remarkable community we have here at Saint Isabella. Thank you to everyone who made this week so special; Student Council, Parent Volunteers, Faculty and Staff, our Priests, and of course our students. Saturday, Catholic Schools Week will culminate with the Crab Feed. February 3 come celebrate our Saint Isabella Parish Community at the Crab Feed offered by our Men’s Club. There is great food (even for non crab eaters), as well as great food and fun. See attached flyer.

 Did You Know? – Kindergarten

The Kindergarteners are busy working on their Hundred’s Day Projects. They will celebrate the 100th day of school on February 5th.   Every morning the students keep track of the number of days they have been in school. This helps them to learn to count by ones, twos, fives, and tens. The Kindergarteners learn a new letter each week, it’s sound and the proper formation for each letter as well a many words that hold that letter. One kindergartener remarked, “The Kindergarteners are coming along, working hard, and having a lot of fun in Kindergarten!”

 As a school, we continue to focus on safety. This week we practiced a Lockdown Drill followed by our monthly Fire Drill. The students and the faculty take these drills seriously knowing they are in place to help ensure their safety. A Lockout recovers all students from outside the building, secures the building perimeter and locks all outside doors. This would be implemented when there is a threat or hazard outside of the building. Criminal activity, dangerous events in the community, or even a vicious dog on the playground would be examples of a Lockout response. While the Lockout response encourages greater staff situational awareness, it allows for educational practices to continue with little classroom interruption or distraction. We will continue to update you as more drills and procedures are practiced.

3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity! Girls On The Run is a 10-week after school program that uses the power of running to help prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.  The season culminates with girls from all over the Bay Area joining together in San Francisco to complete a 5K run. See attached flyer and sign up. We have the coaches and the materials, we just need a few more girls.

What an amazing job all of our teachers and staff do with our students! We were able to admire the students work in their classrooms and at the Science Fair.

We to want to congratulate our Science Fair winners.

8th Grade

1st place: Joseph Capurro
2nd place: Jake Galetti
3rd place:  Emelia Chan

7th Grade
1st place: Amelia Wielt
2nd place: Piper Egan
3rd place: Scott Bell

6th Grade
1st place: Bennett Hadd & Cameron Dailey
2nd place: Cal Regin

3rd place: Maya Brown

5th Grade (Inventions)
1st place: Grace Kelly
2nd place: Anne Schmidt
3rd place: Grace Gatlin & Gage Warden-Ranghasci

4th Grade
1st place: Ava Korich, Will Shepard, Ian Zachary
2nd place: Annabelle Maloney, Kyle Conroy, Marina Dour, Michael Reid

3rd place: Graham Lively, Miya Kuder, Amina Gahan, Sebastian Landry

Thank you to our Science Fair judges who provided their expertise in critically viewing each project and although the competition was stiff they did identify the winners. Thank you to the following current parents and alumni parents.

David McGivney (1st grade parent)
Adam Jaworski (5th, 7th)
Jeff Goldman (2nd, 4th)
Brian Smith (6th)
Tim Shetz (2nd)
Dan Maloney (2nd, 4th)
Lynn Bornstein
Francois and Julie Simard

Please note…

Final installment of Outdoor School Fees are DUE today. Be sure you are up to date with your fees.

We need more parents to sign up for Yard Duties. Come and enjoy the outside with your children. Sign up through parent Booker.



Susan Naretto

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