Weekly Newsletter for December 7, 2017

Dear Parents and Friends,

As we near the end of the first week of Advent, we reflect on the beautiful Sunday when we came together for a time of preparation and waiting. The season of Advent began last Sunday and continues the four Sundays before Christmas. As we take time to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth long ago in Bethlehem, we think about the different ways God still comes to us today. The themes of advent are watching and waiting, preparing and trusting. By setting aside time for daily devotions, we prepare to meet our Lord with trust at the second coming.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate traditional Advent practices into your busy schedule:

Reflect on Advent as a time of waiting. The idea of waiting is not popular in our culture of instant gratification, but it creates in us a new kind of self-discipline that helps us to appreciate the present moment and look to the future with peaceful anticipation.

Turn your breathing into a prayer. Take a few deep breaths throughout the day and imagine that God’s love is flowing through you to every part of your body. As you exhale, let go of tension, worry and anything else that is not of God.

Long for the Lord. Make it a habit of silently praying, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Unite with Mary. Set aside time once a day to join Our Lady in praying the Canticle of Mary (see Lk 1:46-55).

Do something nice for someone every day. It might be an encouraging word, a phone call, a note of appreciation or a little act of kindness.

 Attached you will find the newsletter Partners in Faith shared by Father Mark. Take some time to read and share activities with your family as you prepare for Christmas. (See Attached Flyer)

 A request during this Lenten Season of watching and waiting. Please pay attention to the carline and traffic rules as you drive on the campus. Lately we have had experienced too much rushing and some impatience drivers, which is causing concern for the safety of our students and community members.

Remember to drive through carline staying within the boundaries of the yellow lines, keep your speed to no greater than 5 mph until you have exited the campus, do not pick up speed as you drive around of the back of the church, do not make a U-turn in front of the church but proceed around the back of the church, be very careful if you are pulling out of the carline to exit and never pull out before you have passed the crosswalk, stay off your cell phones while driving through the campus, do not allow your child to exit by the steps (which now has a gate), if you are arriving late continue to follow the traffic rules, if you are dropping off or picking up several students, please be patient and pull all the way to the end of the line to ensure there is not a back up, and if you get frustrated please take a breath to ensure your words and actions are respectful and kind.

                  We are in need of volunteers for lunchtime yard duty (each family is required to complete 4) as well as morning carline. Yard duty spots are widely available and you are needed. What greater place to volunteer than with our children. I would greatly appreciate morning carline volunteers as well. You can find both these opportunities on Parent Bookers

Tomorrow the student body will gather for the parish Immaculate Conception Mass, a holy day of obligation, prepared by Señora Perazzo and the 8th grade class. This beautiful Mass honoring Mary is tomorrow at 8:30. We hope you will join us.

Last Sunday, the First Sunday of Advent, our 4th grade class joined the PSR 4th grade class to present the first mass of the Advent season. Following the mass many of the school and parish families gathered for a delicious Pancake Breakfast hosted by our Men’s Club, followed by our 2nd Annual Advent Wreath Making and Cookies Exchange as well as Make a Bear/Give a Bear, and a visit from Santa.  The kindness and service demonstrated to others is truly a reflection of God’s love. A special thank you is in order for Michelle Jaworski and Lyn Gatti for organizing this event, as well as a thank you to our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student volunteers who helped set up and run the project tables, as well as stay to help with the clean up. The proceeds of this event will be donated to the Saint Rose Catholic School in Santa Rosa to support their recovery for the fires.


In Christ’s love,

Susan Naretto

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