Weekly Newsletter for December 14, 2017

Dear Parents and Friends,

As we prepare our hearts and minds for the gift of Christmas, Christ’s coming into the world, may we take time to pause, and not miss the significance of LOVE that came into our world through Christ Jesus. As we look into the faces of our children may we rejoice in the love reflected back to us. Try and keep your lives simple (I know that is so hard this time of year) so you don’t miss the beauty and excitement of this Advent and Christmas season. JOY to the world, the LORD has come. Speaking of joy and love, be sure you and your children are in the church today, December 14, for the 6:00 Christmas Concert. The church will open at 5:45 so students can find their places and teachers will be there to greet them. This special gift of music preformed by all the school children brings that simple and significant gift of Christmas to all of us. Let them wish you a very Merry Christmas through music. All children are to be in “holiday” dress. I look forward to greeting you as well.

Students may wear Holiday accessories with their uniforms the last school week, December 18 – 20 before we close for the Christmas Holidays. Accessories may not be worn with Formal dress, as this is a Mass day.

Be sure to join us December 21th at 11:00 for the Jesse Tree Mass prepared by our 4th and 1st graders. This mass reminds us of the biblical journey to Bethlehem and prepares our Hearts to receive the love of the Christ Child. Following the mass, the students will return to their classes to gather items to take home for the start of their Christmas Holiday. Dismissal will be at 12:15. There is no Extended Day.

How are you doing with fulfilling your required 30 service hours and 4 yard duties? We are in need of volunteers for lunchtime yard duty (each family is required to complete 4) as well as morning carline. Yard duty spots are widely available and you are needed. What greater place to volunteer than with our children. I would greatly appreciate morning carline volunteers. You can find both these opportunities and many more volunteer opportunities on Parent Booker. All volunteers must have completed their fingerprinting. If you have not done so, over the break might be a good time.

See you tonight as we accept the gift of Christmas music from our children.



In Christ’s love,

Susan Naretto


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