Weekly Newsletter for September 28, 2017

Dear Parents,

As all of our students receive daily religion instruction in school, it is important to support and strengthen your child’s faith formation by attending Saturday or Sunday Mass. Our Parish-School community will also be strengthened by the presence of school families at weekend parish masses as well at monthly school masses. Students in grade 1st through 8th, along with PSR students, will be taking responsibility for a monthly Parish Family “Spirit” Mass. The Third grade class is taking responsibility for our first mass, Sunday October 1 at 9:00am. This is a wonderful way to meet and grow closer to other families in our community. Be sure to come to the Pancake Breakfast as well, open from 8:00 – 10:30 hosted by our Men’s Club.

October 4, Father Healy will celebrate our school wide Mass honoring Saint Francis of Assisi. The day will begin with a Blessing of the Animals by Father Healy and Father Samuel at 8:05 at the Morning Assembly. Students will gather in the front schoolyard, and their parent will bring their pet for this blessing. Animals must be in possession of parents and on a short leash and/or in a cage and must be taken home immediately following the Blessing. The students who have pets will bring them forward with their parent and Father Healy and Father Samuel will bless each pet. Later that morning we encourage you to join with the school community at 11:00 for our liturgical celebration in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. More details are to follow.

Momentum is building! Tickets are going fast! Our Night to Bond at our annual school auction, October 14 at the Marin Country Club will be a night for fun and an opportunity to support the school community. This is the biggest fundraiser of the school year and you don’t want to miss any part of it. Be sure to secure your reservation early so you do not miss this opportunity to Bond.

#SaintIsabellaCares C-atholic, A-ccountability, R-espect, E-xcellence, S-ervice, teachers integrate these basic Keys to the Kingdom throughout the curriculum, discussing with students how they are relating to one another and contributing to the well-being of the class and the school community through their actions. We support the students in expanding their understanding and practice of friendship, kindness, responsibility, honesty decision-making, and service. #SaintIsabellaCares The following students have been identified for exhibiting one or more our CARES characteristics and are identified as Key Players.”

Catholic – Sammy – 6th, Logan – K, Luis – 1st, Christina – 7th, Brian – 7th, Tate – 7th, Owen – 7th, Gabriel – 5th, Caitlin – 6th Accountability – Luis – 1st, Braedon – K, Sophie – 6th, Savannah – 6th   Respect – Noah Lively – 2nd, Ian – K, Beatrice – 1st, Sunshine – 1st, Spencer – 1st, Noah – 2nd, Ian – 7th, Megan – 5th, Joe – K, Devyn – K, Elin – K, Mikel – 4th, Gabriel – 5th, Marcella – 5th, Ellie – 2nd     Excellent – Evan – 5th, Jayden – 5th, John – 7th, Zach – 8th, Jaxon – 5th, Lauren – 2nd Service – James – K, Spencer – 1st, Connor – 1st, Aidan – 7th, Morgan – 3rd, Abby – 2nd, Liam – 1st, Aidan – 1st, Mikel – 4th, Zach – 8th, Luis – 1st, John – 7th, Brian – 7th, Scott- 7th, Piper- 7th, Sunshine – 1st, Mia – 4th, Sami – K, Julia – 7th, Julia – 4th, Owen – K, Faris – 2nd

We will begin offering violin classes after school. Group lessons will be offered to Kindergarten, 1st through 4th, and 5th through 8th. We have found an experienced teacher I would like to introduce.  Odin Mitaine is a professional violinist with over 20 years of classical experience. He attended the Conservatoire Superieur de Musique de Lyon, France and holds a Masters degree in Violin, Chamber Music and Musical Theory as well as an equivalent of Bachelor’s degree in Piano. He has performed with the Opera de Rouen as Associate Concertmaster as well as a series with Orchestre de Paris and Radio France. He has played with different chamber groups in Europe and worked as a piano accompanist. Since arriving in California, he has been teaching violin and piano to children, teenagers and adults.  This academic school year, he is teaching chamber music at Marin Catholic and Terra Linda High Schools as well as After School String programs within the Dixie School District.

When a child first discovers a string instrument it is an incredible journey. The ability to create beautiful sounds and collaborate while playing together will challenge the child intellectually, emotionally and artistically.”

This is a wonderful musical opportunity for your child and this will become a reality if we have enough students participating. Lessons will be offered for kindergarten on Tuesdays from 2:15 – 3:15 (groups of 2 for 20 minutes of instruction) and grades 1 – 4 (groups of 4 – 6) from 3:15– 4:00, and grades 5 – 8 (group 4 – 8) on Thursday from 315 – 4:15. If groups grow, more times may be added on these days.

Class fees are to be paid in advance every 9 classes at the following rate.

$20 – 20 minutes Kindergarten – group of 2 ($180)

$25 – 45 minutes 1st to 4th grade – group 4 to 6 ($225)

$30 – 1 hour 5th to 8th – group 4 to 8 ($270)

If you are interested, contact Mrs. Ferguson at the front office for more information. We plan to begin lessons by mid October. Students will need to provide their own violin, which can be rented.

Outdoor Education Fee Schedule: Our sixth graders are the first class to attend their Outdoor School Adventure at Marin Headlands. Grades 4 – 8 will participate in an Outdoor Education during the school year. Below you will find the payment schedule for all the Outdoor Education payments. Payment may be made in full or in three adjusted payments by dates below. Please put the grade in your memo line to avoid confusion.

2017-2018 Outdoor Education Fee Schedule: (Payment may be made in full or in three adjusted payments by dates below)


Total (in-full) Amt.
Due October 1st
Payment #1
October 1st
Payment #2
December 1st
Payment #3
February 1st
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


Susan Naretto

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