Weekly Newsletter for March 31, 2017

Dear Friends and Families,

We have been enjoying such beautiful weather following the storms. Spring is the season we witness creation in action as nature’s beauty surrounds us. May we all take time to get out into God’s creation and renew our hearts and souls.

Catholic social teaching is at the core of our identity as God’s People. The “common good” is a divine law of creation recognizing that God has provided for the basic human needs of all people. When people are denied their basic human needs, creation is distorted. We call this distortion “sin.” As God’s People, we are responsible for restoring creation to its divine intention.

(Catholic Apostolate Center)

                   Our eighth graders will be experiencing the beauty of Yosemite next week. This is an experience they look forward to during their last year at Saint Isabella School. We are very proud of our eighth graders who recently learned they have been accepted into high schools of their choice. Eighteen out of our twenty eighth graders will be moving on to Marin Catholic and two on to Saint Vincent High School. We want to enjoy these remaining few months with them.

                   Father Healy, who has been a pastor at various parishes in Marin; Our Lady of Loretto, St. Anselm, and St. Rita’s, will be the resident priest in retirement at Saint Isabella parish. Father Healy plans to be active in his retirement, especially in the life of the school. He said Mass for the students today and challenged them to do one kind deed each day these last two weeks of Lent. He was also seen out at recess to the students delight. Welcome Father Healy!

                  There will be some staffing changes in the coming school year. Mrs. Mitchell will not be returning as the 5th grade teacher, but following her maternity leave she will be joining the Middle School faculty and sharing the teaching responsibilities in the 8th grade. Mrs. Burns has decided not to return to Saint Isabella School next year. She has been an asset to our first grade students as well as the school community and will be greatly missed. Mrs. Sanders will be devoting her time entirely to resource next year. Therefore, I will begin the interview process for both a full-time fifth grade and a first grade teacher. I am optimistic that we will secure excellent teachers to join our talented faculty.

                   I hope to see you all tonight at Movie Night. Father Mark is giving a dispensation tonight allowing meat to be eaten, but encourages those making this choice to choose another day for this Lenten practices. God bless.




Susan Naretto

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