Weekly Newsletter for June 12, 2017

Dear Friends and Families,

The partnership we share as we nourish young minds and hearts is the core of all our endeavors. Thank you, parents, for the love and kindness you extend not only to your own children but to all the members of the Saint Isabella community; supporting the teachers with their classroom activities as well as extending your generosity and kindness to all the faculty and staff. It has been a joy to come to work each morning, watching the campus come to life.

I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer, taking time to just be with one another. Find time to read as well as capture your adventures in writing, painting, and song. You will receive summer mailing to ready you for the upcoming school year. Mrs. Snyder, Mr. Pheatt, and I will welcome your visits and inquiries throughout the summer and look forward to seeing the students return on August 22. The summer office hours are 9:00 to 3:00. Be sure to check the school website throughout the summer. There you will find the 2017-2018-school calendar as well as updates in advance of the August mailing. Thank you for a wonderful and successful school year.

We are pleased that our students have found such success this year. Their dedicated teachers and staff have been supportive in all areas of their growth and summer break is well deserved. Report Cards went home on Friday in hard copy. Report cards are published digitally through Schoolspeak and your digital signature is required.

As the school year winds down, the freedom of lazy summer days beckon; weeks, perhaps months on end to laze, and play, and generally take a break from the academic pressure of the school year. But a total break isn’t always appropriate for every child. For many children, summer break can really mean a loss of progress on essential skills. In whatever form it might take, keeping up or catching up during summer break can be essential to overall academic success. It is important that your children are reading each day. Have them share their reading with you. Your child’s teacher has sent summer work packets home, which include summer requirements to insure readiness for the 2017-2018 school year. Take trips to the local library, which always have reading incentive programs. Form book clubs with friends. Read a book to your child. Explore your community. Have a wonderful summer!

 Yours in Christ,

 Susan Naretto

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