Dear Saint Isabella School families,

Pope Francis tells us that we need to act as stewards of this planet, seeing the environment as a “common room” we all share. As a school, we continue to teach the children about stewardship and within the actual infrastructure of the school, we seek to show the students how we responsibly use energy sources our creator offers us.

Students at Saint Isabella School need funding for a few air conditioning units (quiet, efficient, European streamline design) perfect for cooling the classrooms on the South side of the building known as the “hot side” of the school. We want the student’s energy to be on their focused learning and not distraction from discomfort due to heat. We don’t want our students to sweat the small stuff.

Miscellaneous items in your child’s classroom such as carpeting, cubbies, and desks need refreshing and replacing. A clean, functional, supportive learning environment for each child never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Children notice everything!  A well-maintained classroom that appears fresh and inviting increases enrollment.

The building itself of Saint Isabella School has prime sun exposure year-round. We plan to use this god given placement of our school to our advantage. Financial costs of increased technology implementation, necessary air-conditioning units, and security systems requires a new plan for energy source. We can cut costs financially and help to support our environmental stewardship response to Pope Francis’ call by switching to solar panels for energy source. The initial cost of switching to solar is a big investment but the overall savings is huge. Help Saint Isabella School shine! Let’s create a brighter future together!

Susan Naretto

Fr. Mark Reburiano

Victor Woo
SAB Chair

Joanna Frazier
PCB President

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