Physical Education

Rhythm and Moves, Inc. is a sequential movement/physical education program designed to meet or exceed the national Rhythmandmovesstandards by providing a variety of experiences and developmentally appropriate activities for children ages five through thirteen.
The primary objective of Rhythm and Moves is to educate the students through movement so that they may express themselves in a variety of physical environments. The philosophy of Rhythm and Moves is to provide as many experiences as possible so each student will discover something that will excite him/her enough to continue being physically active and healthy throughout life.

We believe children have the capability of learning how to become and stay physically fit. We know that children like to learn and move and that children need to be motivated to do so constructively. One of the roles of Rhythm and Moves is to provide that motivation. Through the use of equipment, enough for every child, qualified educators and a curriculum that exceeds the national standards, students will be provided successful situations so that they learn to enjoy physical activity. They will also be shown how to and why they should, become physically fit. The program provides a wide variety of situations and activities through movement and sport, so that the children will learn the fundamentals of movement and develop a liking for physical activity with the goal that in the future they will seek ways of continuing to be fit and active.

We currently include the following traditional sports in the physical education curriculum:

Flag Football
Specific team building activities