Programs & Coordinators

Saint Isabella Parish CYO
Saint Isabella belongs to the Catholic Youth Organization CYO. A parent volunteer serves as CYO Athletic Commissioner for Saint Isabella School. He/she works with CYO to organize sports teams such as basketball, track and volleyball throughout the year. Membership is open to all students attending Saint Isabella School in grades three through eight as well as students belonging to the parish. More information is available here.

CYO-Basketball – Rob Jones

CYO-Volleyball – Denise Regin

Hot Lunch

Click here for information concerning the menu and costs as well as lunch orders.

Parent Service Hour Coordinators – Lori Snyder and Suzanne Egan (PCB President-elect)

Two-parent families are expected to give a total of thirty hours of service in addition to 4 hours of yard duty to Saint Isabella School each year. One-parent families are expected to give fifteen hours of service which include 4 hours of yard duty to the school each year. This is an opportunity to share your talents and interests and help support Saint Isabella. The coordinator helps keep track of service hours that have been completed. By the end of January and again by the beginning of May, families will be informed of their status regarding their hour commitment. (For more information see the 2017-2018 Parent Student Handbook.)

Please visit Parent Booker to sign up for volunteer opportunities and record your hours.

Shield The Vulnerable The “Protect Children” certification is required for all school parents. Fingerprinting or a background check (through Shield The Vulnerable) is also required for all school parents. However, fingerprinting is required for all parents volunteering to chaperone overnight field trips. Click here for Shield The Vulnerable instructions.

Escrip – Amy Hall

eScrip is a fundraiser that won’t cost you money. Local merchants donate money to our school when you shop at their stores. All Saint Isabella School families should be signed up for eScrip. The Saint Isabella School eScrip group number is 137105901.

Yard Supervision – Lori Snyder

The Saint Isabella schoolyard is very large and it takes two staff members and three parent volunteers to adequately supervise lunch recess. Parents are asked to do yard duty as part of their Parent Service Hours (see above). Parents must sign up online through Parent Booker to schedule their required Yard Duty times and dates. (For more information see the Student Parent Handbook.)

Health Coordinator – Grace Martin

Parent volunteers who are medical professionals assist the school in providing hearing and vision screening for students in grades K, 1, 3, 5 and 7 and all new students to the school. They also help maintain accurate immunization records for all our students and offer advice as situations arise.

Uniform Exchange – Patricia Lim

As a service to parents, parent volunteers have organized a Uniform Exchange. Previously owned uniforms are available free of charge. Please contact the Uniform Exchange Coordinator for more info. The school sends uniform items that have been left for a long time in the Lost and Found to the Uniform Exchange and families are also encouraged to donate uniforms that are no longer needed.

St Isabella Parish Men’s Club – Albert Szilvasy

The primary purpose of the Men’s Club is to unite the men of the Parish and the fathers of the children at Saint Isabella School and Parish School of Religion. The strength from this unity will provide the network for this new organization to achieve many notable goals centered on promoting athletics, and cultural activities for our children. As a Saint Isabella’s Parish ministry, the Men’s Club, like other parish and school organizations, will help create a community spirit leading to the stability and growth of the Parish.