Amanda Hahn brings to St. Isabella School 19 years of teaching experience as a music and movement specialist in a variety of schools throughout the Bay Area. Prior to her most recent position at San Francisco Chinese American International School, she was teaching at Montessori de Terra Linda and Washington Elementary in the West Contra Costa County Unified School District. Amanda is a director for the Marin Girls Chorus, working with the Lower Division of singers, also as the director for their Summer Sings camp. Devoted to her private students, too, she works with students of all ages, teaching piano, voice, flute and other woodwinds.

After growing up on the East Coast and attending music school at Boston University, Amanda moved to this area to receive a Master of Music degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, followed shortly by her Orff Schulwerk teacher certification at Mills College. As a performer, she works as a flutist, singer, and conductor. She recently performed at the Hollywood Bowl as the choral conductor for the International Space Orchestra, a group of NASA scientist musicians. She performs as a freelance flutist, primarily as a chamber musician, and as part of an adult chorus in Marin County, the Consort Chorale.

“As an Orff Schulwerk teacher, my approach is playful and dynamic. I strive to relate to all my students in a way that allows them to feel comfortable, be engaged, and think creatively while working together. As is common in a well-rounded Orff Schulwerk program, I like to incorporate music from many cultures through games, instrument playing, stories, singing, and moving. St. Isabella’s music program will include age- and developmentally-appropriate activities, singing beautiful music – both secular music from around the world, and music from the liturgy. To accompany our songs and activities, we will use our tone chimes, our new Orff instruments (barred instruments like xylophones), and ukuleles. I’ve really enjoyed beginning the process of getting to know St. Isabella School, and feel excited and honored to become part of this community and make music together!”