Third Grade

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In the 3rd grade, there are several content areas as the pie chart illustrates.

3rd grade pie chart

Below is a high-level description of the content areas I teach.


As a St. Isabella teacher, I focus on my students’ spiritual growth which is built on kindness, respect, and love. These are qualities that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

Our principal, Susan Naretto, said it perfectly:
” We teach children by our own example, and they count on our kindness, respect, fairness, and thoughtfulness in our words and actions. The subject matter that we teach is important, but the ways in which we bring it to our students is key to their willingness to be open, take risks, and have confidence in their ability to learn.”

Read more about the religion curriculum.

Language Arts

The biggest chunk of time (50%) is devoted to language arts which includes:

In the 3rd grade, the focus is from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.

Accelerated Reader is a high-impact tool used by teachers, students, and parents.

Math Common Core

Most of this year 3rd graders will be focusing on:

Read more about the math curriculum.

Social Studies

Students in grade three learn more about our connections to the past and the ways in which particularly local, but also regional and national, government and traditions have developed and left their marks on current society, providing common memories.

Emphasis is on the physical and cultural landscape of California, including the study of American Indians, the subsequent arrival of immigrants, and the impact they have had in forming the character of our contemporary society.

Read more about the Social Studies curriculum.

Technology in the Classroom

Computer time is not just limited to the 30 minutes a week in computer class. Ms. Bishop and I work very closely to align and integrate assignments.

Plus, this year we have one-to-one Chromebooks in the classroom. With the Chromebooks students are able to conduct research, complete online assessments for math and reading comprehension, practice writing the “perfect paragraph”, create presentations and flyers, use google sheets to create data charts, and much, much more.