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Pat Sanders

Patricia Sanders

Saint Isabella School has a Learning and Resource Program available to all students who need extra assistance with their schoolwork. There are two Resource Teachers available, Mrs. Sanders for lower elementary and Mrs. Shine-Revilock for upper elementary. Mrs. Sanders holds an MS in Education and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She has fifteen years of teaching experience, working as a preschool teacher for five years, and teaching at Saint Isabella School for ten years.  On a personal note, Mrs. Sanders began a teaching career after being inspired while working as a classroom volunteer when her three children were young. When she is not teaching, Mrs. Sanders greatest enjoyment is spending time with her three grandsons.  Mrs. Shine-Revilock holds a BA in English, an MA in Communication Sciences and Disorders and both a Secondary English and a Learning Handicapped Credential. She began her career as a middle school English and Social Studies teacher and then spent ten years as a Learning Specialist. She also spent eighteen years working in corporations in the area of Training and Organizational Development. She enjoys cooking, hiking and traveling the world with her family.

As your Resource Teachers at Saint Isabella, we have a strong belief that students at our school are capable of being successful learners. We strive to provide learning support and, when possible, appropriate accommodations in their classroom. We also feel that success for students depends on collaboration among students, teachers, parents and outside professionals.


Mrs. Shine-Revilock

We offer small group support, both in the classroom and in the Resource Center. While in the classroom, we are able to help individual students, including those not identified as being in need of Resource assistance. Students specifically served by our program have been selected either by testing, teacher/parent referral, and/or the findings of our Student Study Team.

The Student Study Team (SST) consists of the Principal, Parent, Homeroom Teacher, Resource Teacher, and sometimes the School Counselor. The team reviews information gathered from learning evaluations, academic testing, all of the student’s teachers as well as the parents, and then plans accommodations and alternate instructional strategies. Students with learning differences are supported so that they may experience success in the classroom environment. This may include referral to outside resources when we determine that the student’s needs are greater than the support we are able to provide at school. The Student Study Team helps the student understand, and appreciate his/her own gifts and style of learning in order to become a successful, independent learner.