Mrs. Zidek working on calendar time.

Mrs. Zidek working on calendar time.

Welcome to Kindergarten!  I have been teaching kindergarten for 25 years; this is my 17th year at Saint Isabella School.  I am a graduate of Marin Catholic High School, Saint Mary’s College, and Dominican University. Learning and working in the Catholic School environment is highly rewarding, however, traveling with friends and family are on the top of my list of favorites.

Kindergarteners have a full and exciting day beginning at 8:00am ending at 2:00pm. The students spend most of their day with their homeroom team, Mrs. Sue Zidek and Ms Debbie Epidendio. Specialist teachers instruct the students in music, science, physical science, computers, Spanish and art along with weekly visits to the library.

The kindergarten curriculum is based on how children learn, their interests, their physical, social, and emotional development. The kindergarten religion program is intended to introduce each child to the loving, Holy Family: God our Father, our Blessed Mother and Jesus, our Brother. Children learn to speak to them and the saints in formal and informal prayer.

The language arts curriculum is taught in learning centers. Students work in small groups to complete enriching activities that include listening, speaking, reading and writing. Parent and parish volunteers assist the teachers in giving each child individual attention as they learn and practice all the skills involved in reading and writing.  We have adopted the McGraw Hill math program, which is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.  Social studies focus on family, community, and neighborhoods, service workers, seasons, senses, manners, and safety. In art, students experiment and create two and three-dimensional projects using paper, pen and ink, watercolors, tempera paints, crayons, markers, oil pastels and clay.  

Most of all, kindergarteners enjoy participating in activities and attending school liturgies with their buddy class, the fifth grade. Our youngest class also enjoys participating in activities with our all-school Faith Families.