First Grade

Allison Burns and Patricia Sanders

The First Grade class is a team-taught by Allison Burns in the morning, and Pat Sanders in the afternoon.  Both teachers work together to educate and nurture the First Grade students.

Allison Burns

As a graduate of UCLA and UC Davis, my teaching experience encompasses First Grade, Second Grade, and Kindergarten.  This is my third year teaching at Saint Isabella School.

Patricia Sanders

After raising a family, I earned my teaching credential and Master’s degree at Dominican University.  I have been teaching at Saint Isabella School for ten years.  In addition to teaching First Grade in the afternoons, I am also the K-4 Resource teacher in the mornings.  


Our hope is for your child to have a successful year in first grade. This year will be filled with many challenging and rewarding new experiences. If you have concerns or questions that you would like to discuss, please schedule an appointment by emailing BOTH of us or leaving a message on our voice mail. We will contact you as time permits.

We split the day and the subject areas as follows:

Mrs. Burns teaches Language Arts (Phonemic Awareness, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Accelerated Reader, Poetry) and Math from 8 am to 12:15 PM everyday.

Mrs. Sanders teaches Religion, Social Studies, Art, Handwriting, and Writing from 12:45 until 3 PM everyday.

Together, we will provide an environment that is fun, safe, and promotes a love for God, learning, and each other.

We communicate daily with each other to keep our school and classroom running smoothly.

During the year our he first grade religion program focuses on teaching the students about how God’s love created the universe, making them who they are, giving them people to love, giving us Jesus, and teaches all of us to love others.

Our language arts program is literature based and integrates reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening and critical thinking. Phonics is a key component which accompanies each selection of literature. Math concepts are presented to the class as a whole, as well as in smaller groups allowing time for children to use manipulatives to reinforce their mathematical skills and to develop strategies for problem solving. In social studies, students learn citizenship, geography and map skills. They investigate seasonal customs and traditions. First grade students develop study skills and personal responsibility by completing a weekly homework packet, caring for their own belongings in their desks, and by doing assigned classroom jobs.

The first grade program also includes computer technology using ibooks, IPADS, science in the science lab, weekly library visits, music, art, Spanish, and physical education all taught by specialist teachers.

First graders enjoy going on field trips, special assemblies and spending time with their school buddy class, the Fourth Grade. First Graders engage in monthly community outreach programs.


Important Information For Parents

Highlights of First Grade Curriculum

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