Technology Integration 6-8

In our middle school we have implemented a 1:1 iPad program which allows for seamless technology integration in our classrooms. All students regularly use Technology learning how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (as well as similar programs) in the course of their school day. We have computer stations in each classroom and in our library. Saint Isabella School has traveling laptop and iPad carts utilized throughout the day in all grades, allowing students to integrate their technological skills into their required assignments.

Our sixth graders attend BTE as well as integrate their iPads throughout classroom instruction. Throughout the year we will be use various applications to create projects cross-circularly as well as service inspired.

This year  for our seventh and eighth graders, one of our focuses will be on digital citizenship with Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship interactive iTextbook. This text will lead us in the conversations and analysis of living in safe, responsible, and respectful digital world. Our curriculum will allow students to discuss and evaluate their own habits as well as bring the conversation home.

Seventh and eighth grade students become masters of word processing and explore the world of Google apps. Student are encouraged to think creatively, share knowledge, apply their values, and be leaders in our school as we continue to integrate technology into our classrooms. This year they will also have the opportunity to contribute content to the the school website.