Seventh Grade


Claudia Silva

Welcome to 7th Grade! This is my 22nd year teaching in Catholic Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. I believe that Catholic Schools help to develop compassionate, well-rounded, and motivated students. My favorite thing about teaching at Saint Isabella School is making connections with the students outside the classroom. In addition to teaching the 7th grade curriculum, I am the Student Council Co-Moderator as well as the Speech Tournament Moderator.

Seventh grade is a year of growth and expanded learning opportunities. In Religion, students study Jesus’ life, the church, and the sacraments. In the fourth quarter, they begin preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation, which they will receive in the eighth grade. Family Life, also presented in the fourth quarter, is based on seven age-appropriate key themes of Catholic Education and their foundation in Scripture and Church teachings. Seventh grade also prepares and hosts the All Saints Day Mass with their “buddy class,” the third grade. Seventh graders have opportunities for service within the school and the community.

The seventh grade curriculum follows the CCSS for Life Science, Social Studies, Pre-Algebra, and Language Arts. Social Studies takes students from the Greek and Roman civilizations, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Reformation in Europe, to the birth and spread of Islam and Buddhism.

Literature is taught by Mrs. Silva. Students will read several novels, in addition to utilizing the textbook for short stories, and in-depth discussion of different genres.

The seventh grade curriculum follows the CCSS for English.  English class includes the study of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and writing. We have adopted the Step Up to Writing program for writing instruction as well as the MLA format for all long writing assignments.

Technology: 7th graders are required to have a Chromebook at school as a supplement to class lessons. Students are expected to follow all school policies regarding the Chromebook to ensure its proper use and safety.

Seventh grade students have the opportunity to participate in speech tournaments. They are more active on the Student Council and begin thinking about options for offices as future eighth-graders.

Field Trips include the Exploratorium, Ropes Course Overnight (Spring 2018), San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Special Projects: The 7th Grade runs a Haunted House on Halloween Day; present the 8th Grade “Send Off” and host the 8th Grade Graduation in June.


Seventh Grade Policies