Learning Expectations

We are educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Saint Isabella School encourages every child to be faith-filled, responsible, and respectful lifelong learners. Through an educational approach of balancing the spiritual, scholastic, social, and physical development of its students, the School believes that students will become well-rounded and CARING individuals. The School is proud of the acronym, CARES, that has come to encapsulate a vision for the future of its students.



  •      Attends and/or Participates in Mass
  •      Studies and understands Scripture
  •      Lives faith virtuously through example
  •      Exhibits compassion toward others


  •      Displays honesty through words and actions
  •      Takes pride in academics
  •      Models self-discipline and accepts responsibility for actions


  •      Appreciates differences in others
  •      Listens carefully, speaks clearly, and shares ideas
  •      Exhibits strong sense of self
  •      Practices kindness


  •      Manifests leadership qualities
  •      Demonstrates exemplary work ethic
  •      Utilizes technology as a responsible digital citizen


  •      Helps others in our local and global community
  •      Cares about God’s creations
  •      Collaborates with others to promote school values