Learning Expectations

We are educating tomorrow’s leaders to be

Faith-filled Catholics who:

demonstrate a knowledge of their faith based on Scripture and Church doctrine
participate in school and parish liturgical celebrations
live their faith through example and service to others
respect life, fostering the values of compassion and understanding
make good moral choices based on Gospel values

Responsible Citizens who:

think globally and value the diversity of all people
demonstrate involvement in the preservation of the environment
practice good citizenship and actively participate in their communities
model self-discipline and accept responsibility for their actions
adapt constructively to a rapidly changing society
recognize the importance of global citizenship

Life-long Learners who:

demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
think critically and creatively, and apply knowledge to real life situations
reflect and communicate effectively
utilize technology for learning, communication, and enjoyment
possess a strong foundation in all curriculum areas

Confident Individuals who:

appreciate their own gifts and those of others
know the importance of making good, healthy choices
set realistic goals and evaluate progress
respect different points of view
develop and use cooperative skills

Active Leaders who:

possess a strong sense of self
are positive, conscientious, and realistic
show initiative and act with integrity
listen actively and work collaboratively
demonstrate courage in resolving conflicts peacefully