A school should be more than just a place you send your child for an education. It should reflect your values and provide a community that guides and supports both children and parents as they grow together in love, faith and knowledge. Your direct involvement in your child’s education and school community will positively effect the quality of their time here at Saint Isabella School.

Parent volunteers are an important resource and support base for the school community. Your involvement shows your child the importance of participating in the school community.

You will reap the benefits of your involvement and by interacting with teachers, staff, and other parents you will get a firsthand understanding of how your child spends their day at Saint Isabella. You’ll also be more aware of what is happening at school which can help you communicate with your child as they grow and change.

Opportunities include the Parent Club Board, School Advisory Board and various support functions. Also, check with your child’s homeroom teacher for grade specific opportunities. If you haven’t been involved in your school community, it’s never too late to start!